Eternity Vault Guide: Annihilation Droid XRR-3 (8man HardMode)


The trash consists of waves of 6-8 strong/weak mobs both melee and ranged that will drop down in between 2 turrets. The 2 turrets are on top of pillars about 10 meters high (inconveniently out of melee range). Adds must be controlled by the tank and DPS’d down by melee who can’t get to the tower (Sith Warriors can leap up there). While the mobs below hit like a wet noodle, the Turrets will fry your light and medium armour com-padre’s and therefore must be taunted by your tank and stunned by your Ranged DPS as much as possible.

When engaging the trash, the Tank will want to run in first to get the initial aggro from the Turrets. Have your tank use damage reduction cool downs, and avoid healing (if you can) until the turrets can be crowd-controlled. 1-2 heals on the tank will get the attention of the turrets and they will start shooting at your healers. CC the turrets, and burn down the first wave of adds. Once the adds are dead – pick a turret to start burning, and remember to keep the stuns and taunts up. Once a new wave of adds drops down the tank will have to pick them up, while the Ranged DPS finish off the first turret.

Once both turrets are dead, Annihilation Droid XRR-3 will fly down and land in between the two pillars (which until recently were home to turrets).

Boss: Annihilation Droid XRR-3

(Glorified Tripod)

Raid Composition

We used 1 Tank, 2 Healers and 5 DPS, in order to beat the enrage.

Phase 1 (100% – 92%)

The fight will begin when the tank engages the boss. Throughout this entire encounter the boss will not move from his landing position, but he can rotate. The tank will want to face the boss away from the rest of the raid so they can avoid the Overwhelming Swipe (1): Knocks back players in a 120 degree arc in front of the boss. Hopefully none of your melee are standing in front of the boss when he uses this ability and only your tank will get knocked back (about 30 meters). When the tank is out of range the boss will target a melee DPS and the Tank will have to taunt when back in range. The boss uses Overwhelming Swipe (1) every 20/30 seconds, and this will keep the tank busy. The boss will also use Cannonade: Single target attack dealing roughly 4k damage on his current target (should be the tank) and is cast every 7 seconds). When the tank is knocked back after Overwhelming Swipe (1) he will have 7 seconds to pick the boss back up (in melee range) so the DPS don’t get hit by Cannonade.

The boss will also target a random player with an ability called Rocket Burst: Places a triangular reticule on the player, and after 7 seconds will fire a single volley of missiles at the targeted player, knocking them back and dealing 14-16k damage to them and roughly 1/2 that to any player within 5 meters of the impact location. Players will need to be watching their characters to see if they are targeted, and move away from all other players before the missiles come. It is also a good idea to call out on vent that you are targeted, because if you are not at full health / use a defensive cool down you will more than likely die. The boss will uses Rocket Burst every 45 seconds after the first (NOTE: The first Rocket Burst is used about 15-20 seconds into the fight). 

Phase 2 (92% – 72%)

At roughly 92-93% health, the boss will emote “Proximity Violation” and cast Shockwave: 1 second cast – deals 3-4k damage to all players within 20 meters of the boss and stunning them for 3 seconds. Immediately after Shockwave is cast, the boss will use Overwhelming Swipe (2): Knocks back players in a 180 degree arc behind the boss. Because there is no difference in the name of the ability, I have used a number suffix to separate the 2 abilities. Overwhelming Swipe (2) is only used after Shockwave. To counter the knock back and subsequent damage from Overwhelming Swipe (2), we had melee DPS run to the tank (infront of the boss) when the boss emoted “Proximity Violation” to enable them to get stunned in front of the boss. Anyone stunned infront of the boss was able to avoid the knockback and damage from Overwhelming Swipe (2).

Directly after using Shockwave and Overwhelming Swipe (2), the boss will crouch down and use an ability called Missile Salvo: Targets each player in the raid and concurrently fires missiles at them dealing 2-2.5k damage every 1.5 seconds for 20 seconds. Missile Salvo can be avoided by getting out of the bosses Line of Sight (LoS). What this means for this encounter is hiding behind the pillars (where the turrets used to be) so the boss can’t see you. The drawback of this is, that if the boss can’t see you, you can’t see the boss and therefore cannot deal damage. After 20 seconds the boss will stand up from the crouching position, signaling the end of the ability.

After the Missile Salvo has ended and players have re-engaged the boss, he will continue using Overwhelming Swipe (1) on the tank and Rocket Burst on random players.

Phase 3 (72% – 38%)

At roughly 72-73% health, the boss will emote “Proximity Violation” and cast Shockwave and Overwhelming Swipe (2) again. Directly after the boss will crouch and cast Missile Salvo.

After Missile Salvo has ended and players have re-engaged the boss, he will use a new ability, in addition to Overwhelming Swipe (1) and Rocket Burst, called Storm Protocol: Targets players with artillery missiles which deal 5-6k damage and lasts for 12 seconds. Players can see if they are targeted by a small red reticule on the ground where they are standing. Players will need to avoid the damage from the missiles by stepping out of the red reticule on the ground beneath them and avoid reticules on the ground which have appeared under other players. This ability lasts for 12 seconds, and the best thing to do is keep moving until all the reticules are gone, making sure to avoid them all.

Phase 4 (38% – 8%)

At roughly 38-39% health the the boss will again emote “Proximity Violation” and cast Shockwave and Overwhelming Swipe (2) again. Directly after the boss will crouch and cast Missile Salvo.

After Missile Salvo has ended and players have re-engaged the boss he will continue to use Overwhelming Swipe (1), Rocket Burst and Storm Protocol.

Phase 5 (8% – 0%)

At roughly 8% health the boss will again emote “Proximity Violation” and cast Shockwave and Overwhelming Swipe (2) again. Directly after the boss will crouch and cast Missile Salvo. This phase is generally considered the burn phase, as most groups are nearing the enrage timer. If the boss enrages during Missile Salvo, the ability will not end, and a single missile will deal 20k damage (effectively a 1-shot on all players simultaneously). The general consensus is to stack during the last 8% burn and use all cooldowns, defensive and offensive and AOE heal until the boss is dead.

Enrage (stay on target)

If you are having trouble with enrage you will need to increase your DPS output. This can be accomplished by having your ranged DPS stand next to the pillar (rather than behind) during Missile Salvo. This will enable the healers (who are LoS and not getting hit) to heal the ranged DPS who are getting hit by Missile Salvo, while they continue to DPS the boss. We had 2 Ranged DPS on our attempts which net us 4% Damage to the boss during the 3 first Missile Salvo‘s (12% Damage overall).

If that is not enough to push you past the enrage, remind DPS to use their relics and time them with class cool downs (Berserk on a Marauder for example). Stims should be used, and Adrenals can be used twice during the encounter. Have players pay close attention to the abilites of the boss. Using a relic and cool down just as Storm Protocol is starting will be a waste as your constantly moving to avoid the damage. Melee DPS can stay in for Missile Salvo with defensive cool downs and medpacks. As a Marauder I have Cloak of Pain, Saberward, Predation and Undying Rage as defensive cooldowns all of which, in conjunction with a medpack, enabled me to stay and DPS the boss for a full duration Missile Salvo.

Basically, once you have the phases worked out and how you deal with each of the abilites, you will need to have everyone work on putting out as much DPS as possible to beat that enrage timer.

Loot (the real reason any of us are here)

Loot is done differently to normal. There is no more random bag which assigns loot to individual players randomly. All boss loot is able to be rolled on by everyone present for the kill.

2x     Unassembled Rakata Gloves (random class assignment)

2x     Alien Data Cube‘s (crafting ingredient for 136 Rating Recipes)

1x     Crafting Recipe (136 Rating)

2x   Unassembled Columi Bracers (random class assignment)

1x     Exotech item (random armour and stat assignment)

3x     Columi Commendations per player


I will upload some images / video when I get the chance, as well as some more guides.

I hope this guide is useful and thanks for reading. Feel free to leave some feedback via comments.



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    Nice post, helped me and my guild out allot tonight 🙂

  2. #2 by DT- on March 3, 2012 - 4:47 PM

    killed him in hard and nightmare modes before reading your guide, but your guide with full info about fight-mechanic is awesome..
    tnx, tnx, tnx 🙂

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