Heisenberg’s Guide to Artifice

Artifice is a versatile crafting skill used for weapon hilts (strength and willpower weapon modification), enhancements (used in all armors and weapons for modification), offhand items, colour crystals (used for lightsaber blade and blaster bolt colours and stats, only yellow, green, blue, and red is available through crafting) and even lightsabers much later in the game.

As an Artificers you can craft the following items :

– Item Modifications: Colour Crystals, Enhancements, Lightsaber Hilts
– Weapons : Lightsabers and Double-bladed Lightsabers (only at Level 400)
– Offhand Items : Requires Focus, Generator or Shield
– Relics (Bind on Pickup)

Supporting Crew Skills:

Archaeology: Power Crystals and Artifact Fragments
Treasure Hunting
: Gemstones (Blue and Purple Quality)

Link to a really good Leveling Guide

Colour Crystals (400)

Crystals are modification items for blasters and lightsabers. They not only change the colour of the blast or saber but are a nice stat increase. Artificers can train Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange schematics and if lucky can score a Magenta schematic from World Bosses. Colour Crystals in PvP weapons cannot be modified, but the PvE (Tionese, Columi and Rakata) weapons can.

Tionese: +31 Critical Rating, +31 Endurance and +31 Power
Artifice Trained: +33 Critical, +33 Endurance and +33 Power (currently only via Magenta Crystals)
Columi: +41 Critical Rating, +41 Endurance and +41 Power
Rakata: +41 Critical Rating, +41 Endurance and +41 Power

(not sure if its a bug or not – but the Rakata and Columi crystals seem to have the same stats)

Below is a list of the craftable Colour Crystals and their schematic source


Lethal (+22 Critical Rating) – Requires Level 47
Intrepidity (+22 Endurance) – Requires Level 47
Red, Blue, Green (Schematics bought from Trainer)


Lethal (+27 Critical Rating) – Requires Level 47
(+27 Endurance) – Requires Level 47
Red, Blue, Green (Schematics learned via Reverse Engineering Premium Crystals)
Yellow, Orange (Schematics bought from Trainer)


Advanced Lethal (+31 Critical Rating) – Requires Level 47
Advanced Intrepidity
(+31 Endurance) – Requires Level 47
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange (Schematics learned via Reverse Engineering Prototype Crystals)

Advanced Lethal Magenta (+33 Critical Rating) – Requires Level 49
Advanced Resonating Magenta
(+33 Power) – Requires Level 49
Advanced Intrepidity Magenta
(+33 Endurance) – Requires Level 49
(Schematic drops from World Bosses: Gargath (level 49 Hoth) and Primal Destroyer (level 50 Belsavis)
Requires unique material Magenta Adegan Crystal. A guide on how to get it can be found here

Enhancements (400)

Enhancements are modifications for almost all armour and weapons. Enhancements have 3 levels of quality (same as colour crystals): Premium, Prototype and Artifact. Enhancements also have ratings which correspond to the amount of stats. The highest rated Enhancements Schematics that can be bought from the trainer is 22. Enhancements in PvP armour can be modified as well as PvE armour and weapons.

Artifice Trained: Enhancement 22
Tionese: Enhancement 23           Centurion: Enhancement 23
Columi: Enhancement 24            Champion: Enhancement 24
Rakata: Enhancement 25            Battlemaster: Enhancement 25

There are schematics listed in various databases for Artifice to learn to make 23, 24 and 25 Enhancements and they are supposed to drop from raids on Hardmode and Nightmare, however until I get proof I’m not going to write it in this guide. Likewise there are listings of Mastercraft versions of all Enhancement 22, but after crafting several hundred I haven’t seen a single Mastercraft; therefore I can only assume they are not part of the game until I get proof that they are.

Enhancement stats are determined via a prefix system. Below is a list of prefixes and their associated stats (Stats are from Artifact version only – Premium and Prototype are same ratio of stats, just lower values), and they are sorted into groups based on their stats (PvE Heals + DPS), (PvP Heals + DPS) and (Tanking).

You will notice that there are quite a few double-ups of enhancements and it is therefore not necessary to purchase all of the schematics from the trainer. Included below is a list of the doubled up schematics.

(PvE Heals and DPS)

Acute: +18 End +39 Acc +27 Crit
: +18 End +27 Pwr +39 Surge
: +18 End +27 Crit +39 Surge
: +18 End +39 Acc +27 Pwr
: +18 End +27 Crit +39 Alac
Quick Savant: +18 End +27 Pwr +39 Alac

(PvP Heals and DPS)

Assault: +30 End +15 Crit +39 Surge
: +30 End +15 Pwr +39 Alac
: +30 End +15 Pwr +39 Surge
: +30 End +39 Acc +15 Pwr
: +30 End +15 Crit +39 Alac


Adroit: +30 End +15 Def +39 Alac
+30 End +39 Acc +15 Def
+30 End +39 Shld +15 Def      (All Tanking Stats)
+30 End +39 Shld +15 Abs    (All Tanking Stats)
+30 End +39 Acc +15 Abs
+30 End +39 Shld +15 Crit
: +30 End +39 Shld +15 Pwr
+30 End +15 Def + 39 Surge
Lucid: +30 End +39 Acc +15 Abs
: +30 End +15 Abs +39 Alac

Counterstrike: +18 End +27 Def +39 Alac
: +18 End +27 Abs +39 Alac
: +18 End +39 Shld +27 Def     (All Tanking Stats)
: +18 End +39 Acc +27 Abs
: +18 End +39 Acc +27 Def
: +18 End +39 Shld +27 Crit
: +18 End +27 Def +39 Surge
: +18 End +39 Shld +27 Abs    (All Tanking Stats)
: +18 End +27 Abs +39 Surge


Efficacy: Same as Adept
: Same as Discipline
: Same as Acute
Same as Incisive
: Same as Acute
Intuition: Same as Astute
Same as Initiative
: Same as Quick Savant
Same as Sagacity
Same as Incisive
: Same as Reflective
Same as Bastion
Same as Insight
: Same as Erudition
: Same as Foresight
: Same as Bulwark
: Same as Severe
: Same as Assault
: Same as Adroit

Hilts (400)

Hilts are specifically for Lightsabers and affect the base damage of the weapon as well as add Endurance and 1 Primary Stat (Strength or Willpower). There are 4 types of Hilts that you can craft:

Might: +Strength +Endurance (Warrior DPS)
: +Endurance +Strength (Warrior Tank)
Force Wielder:  +Endurance +Willpower (Inquisitor Tank)
: +Willpower +Endurance (Inquisitor DPS/Heals)

Currently the highest hilts that Artifice can craft is Rating 22. Like Enhancements there are schematics listed in databases with higher ratings, but no evidence is currently available to prove they are ingame. Additionally PvP and PvE weapons cannot have their hilts modified.

Because the Mission Support Vendors (located on Ilum and Belsavis) sell Rating 23 Hilts for 8 Daily Commendations it is not advisable, nor profitable to Reverse Engineer any Rating 22 Hilts to Artifact quality.

(Offhand items, Lightsabers and Relics)

Artifice can craft fully functional lightsabers as well as offhand items and Relics.

Lightsabers come equipped with Prototype 124 rating Hilts, Colour Crystals, Mods and Enhancements all of which are fully moddable. Currently because of the craftable hilts being restricted to 22 and the purchasable hilts 23, it is not commercially viable to craft these lightsabers. Each saber requires 3x Biometric Crystal Alloy (drops from all HM Flashpoint final bosses except Malgus) to craft and until the mods we can put in them improve there isnt much point in crafting these, apart from specific requests.

UPDATE: So it turns out that crafting the lightsabers can lead to proc an exceptional version of the item containing an augment slot. Currently the highest Primary stat augments I have seen are +28. Considering no other lightsabers have any base stats on them at all, I would call this a pretty big win for Artifice. Downside is, you need 3x Biometric Crystal Alloy from Hardmode Flashpoints / Normal operations per relic. Now I know what you are thinking – these lightsabers have subpar stats to the Tier PvE and PvP lightsabers – why would I want one. Well with RNG being as it is, I have received quite a bit of “extra” gear from Hardmode Operations and Flashpoints (2 Offhand Rakata Weapons, 3 Columi Chests, 2 Columi Head and Legs etc).

The great thing about PvE items is that you can remove the Mods and Enhancements and put them into other gear. Now the highest rated hilt you can craft (see above section on Hilts) is 22, and the highest rated hilt you can buy is 23. The difference between Advanced Might Hilt 23 (purchasable from Ilum) and Advanced Might Hilt 24 (found in Columi Weapons) is +9 Strength, +7 Endurance, +18 Min Damage and +27 Max Damage. Now a +28 Strength Augment might not balance the difference enough to justify not using the columi weapon, however until you get the offhand from the end boss of Battle for Ilum (Hardmode) or Gharj (Hardmode) and the mainhand from SOA (Hardmode), its a pretty nice upgrade from your tionese / PvP weapons. All you need is a lucky crit and you’re on your way 😀

Evidence Screenshot

Thanks to Etang for providing screenshot.

Offhand items however are trained at a Premium level and through reverse engineering can be improved to many different Artifact levels, and further improved by crafting critical Artifact items to get a Mastercraft. A really good guide on how these items are reverse engineered and what options are available can be found here.

The only complaint with the offhand items is the lack of a Willpower Shield for Assassin Tanks. Currently not in the game.

Relics are the Artifice Perk you could say, and are Bind on Pickup, which means you make them for yourself only. The only downside I’ve seen is that the exact same Relics can be obtained once a player is a Battlemaste (Valor Rank 60).

The relics available are:

Rakata Relic of Boundless Ages
+77 Endurance
+380 Power for 20 seconds

Rakata Relic of Forbidden Secrets
+77 Endurance
+235 Crit and Surge for 20 seconds

Rakata Relic of Imperiling Serenity
+51 Endurance
+37 Power
+380 Defense for 20 seconds

Rakata Relic of the Primeval Fatesealer
+77 Endurance
+380 Alacrity for 20 seconds

Rakata Relic of the Shrouded Crusader
+51 Endurance
+37 Power
+235 Shield and Absorb for 20 seconds

The relics require a unique crafting material (1x Biometric Crystal Alloy) to craft. Getting one of these relics at level 50 is really beneficial and when used in conjunction with other class cooldowns you can really see the difference. There are no stats on the relics apart from the cooldown stat increase, however the amount of the increase is worth more than +52 Endurance that we see on the Prototype relics.

UPDATE: So it turns out that crafting the relics can lead to proc an exceptional version of the item containing an augment slot. Currently the highest Primary stat augments I have seen are +28. Considering no other Rakata relics have any base stats on them at all, I would call this a pretty big win for Artifice. Downside is, you need 1x Biometric Crystal Alloy from Hardmode Flashpoints / Normal operations per relic. Good luck with this one Artificers and may all your crafts be crits 😀

Evidence Screenshot

Thanks to Darth_Sarkis for providing the screenshot.


Well I think that’s about it for this Guide. I hope you found it useful. I will add more to it, as information becomes available. I’m in a raiding guild up to Hardmodes, and am hoping to see a schematic 2 drop for artifice (fingers crossed).

Please feel free to leave feedback in the form of a comment below. If I haven’t covered something that you would like to see, or some more detail on certain sections let me know. I’ve been an artificer since day 1 of the early access and will continue to work on all the recipes. Thanks for reading.




  1. #1 by John Holmes. on January 11, 2012 - 6:54 PM

    Dear sir,

    I appreciate your guide it was most helpful, jolly good.

  2. #2 by Jannis on January 25, 2012 - 3:07 AM

    As of patch 1.1, the Rakata Relics also have a stat upgrade. The DPS ones get +77 Endurance, and the tanking ones +51 Endurance, +37 Power.

    I’m curious about some of the enhancements, as most of them in the same group (looking in the PVP Heals and DPS: Insight and Volition, Initiative and Proficient) have the same stats in your list, but start off with much different distribution. Is this how they end up as artifact enhancements, regardless of the initial item? Doesn’t that mean that in the end, there is no need to train both, but just the one (say Insight)?

  3. #3 by The Heisenberg on January 25, 2012 - 7:59 AM

    Thanks Jannis – I’ll update the Relics with the stat upgrades.

    As for the enhancements – I thought I got them all, but looks like I missed a few now that I’ve gone back over it. Lets take Insight and Volition, for example.

    Insight 22 (Green Quality: 13 End, 19 Crit, 28 Alac)
    Insight 22 (Blue Quality: 16 End, 24 Crit, 34 Alac)
    Insight 22 (Purple Quality: 18 End, 27 Crit, 39 Alac)

    Volition 22 (Green Quality: 22 End, 10 Crit, 28 Alac)
    Volition 22 (Blue Quality: 26 End, 13 Crit, 34 Alac)
    Volition 22 (Purple Quality: 18 End, 27 Crit, 39 Alac)

    A thing to note about Volition 22 (purple): by all rights it should be 30 End, 15 Crit, 39 Alac, that is if it followed the same progression when RE the green to the blue. However, even if that were the case, Volition 22 would just be exactly the same as Warfare 22.

    I’ll update my post and pull out the duplicates I missed. But yes you’re correct, there is only point in training one of them.


  4. #4 by gerdts on February 1, 2012 - 12:21 PM

    Has anyone seen anything other Rakata relic proc? I have seen teh Forbidden Secrets one but I have crafted close to 20 boundless ages and 0 exceptional…

  5. #5 by Jesper on February 29, 2012 - 8:57 PM

    On the relic proc proof. Where did the 77 endurance go? Never seen a proc result in a loss of stats.

  6. #6 by The Heisenberg on March 1, 2012 - 7:45 AM

    Hi Jesper

    That screenshot was taken before patch 1.1 Rise of the Rakghouls which introduced not only passive stats on existing relics, but also new ‘chance to proc’ relics.

    The relic I had “Boundless Ages” which contained a +28 Strength Augment, automatically gained the +77 Endurance when the patch went live. I’ll replace the screenshot with that one to avoid any further confusion.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention

  7. #7 by Jason on March 1, 2012 - 10:24 AM

    This guide is great, thanks much for taking the time. A quesiton if I may. The level 22,23,24 enhancments that i see in databases, when you mention the rakata, tionese, columni, and the pvp equivilents; are you meaning that reverse engineering of enhancements on this armor can result in learning the schematics for these 22,23,24 enhancments? Or is there no known way to get these level of enhancments. Thanks!

  8. #8 by The Heisenberg on March 1, 2012 - 10:44 AM

    Hi Jason

    Artifice can only craft rating 22 enhancements at the moment. The 23, 24 and 25 enhancements (and mods, hilts, armouring and barrels for that matter) cannot be crafted. They are found in items you get from the tionese, columi and rakata vendors. There is no benefit in reverse engineering these items, as you wont get any materials or a chance of learning a new schematic, you only get an error saying there is no information for .

    You can however pull the enhancements out of the tionese, columi and rakata gear (and their pvp equivalencies), but these are bound and cannot be traded.

    The only way to get unbound 23 – 25 enhancements / mods / armouring is a low chance random drop from certain operation bosses. I’ve been doing nightmare mode clears with my guild for a few weeks now, and it would appear that the 2nd/3rd bosses in Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace have a chance to drop an enhancement / Mod, while the last bosses drop an armouring (rating 25 from nightmare, 24 from hardmode and 23 from normal mode).

    Hope this helps.

  9. #9 by Jason on March 1, 2012 - 11:39 AM

    Much obliged for that clarification. Thanks!

  10. #10 by Jason on March 7, 2012 - 11:17 AM

    Hello, sorry for asking this question although it may be a bit off topic. I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere else. Enhancments you get off the crew skills vendor such as Immunity Enchancment 21, 21 is as high as you can get from the vendor. I have seen pictures of, and am trying to ultimately be able to craft Advanced Immunity Enhancment 22… I am supposed rev/eng the Advanced Immunity Enhancment 21 to obtain this the version 22, as the vendor does not sell a Immunity Enhancemnt 22. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  11. #11 by The Heisenberg on March 7, 2012 - 11:34 AM

    The Vendor does allow you to train Enhancements Rating 22 in addition to Rating 21. Reverse Engineering Rating 21 will only give you higher quality Rating 21 enhancements, and will never unlock a schematic for Rating 22. I will screenshot the vendor sale of the Immunity Enhancement 22 when I get home.

  12. #12 by Jason on March 7, 2012 - 12:17 PM

    Thank you, I will look again. the screenshot is not needed.

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