Making Money from Slicing Post-Nerf

Thought I would post this here as well. Mad props to the guys at and this swtor thread.

Information on the slicing missions has been gathered and recorded and analyzed for the highest credits per minute profit. Sample sizes vary but reports from the slicers in my guild are coming at 500k per day profits from running these missions. Basically start your way from the top (highest level missions), only doing the missions listed. If they are not available, go to the next Level range and choose from those missions listed. Missions that are Yellow, Green or Grey have the lowest failure chances.

Companion affection level will decrease the time it takes to complete a mission (tested by myself and found to be accurate). It has also been reported that companion affection affects both the success rate and crit rate of missions. I haven’t been able to test this myself, but from what I can see – having a companion at a higher affection rating will only benefit you and your crew skills – nowhere have I seen any negative effects.

Level 41-48
Delivery Failure Moderate
Fly in the Wall Rich

Level 33-40
Missing Probes Moderate
Be Careful What You Read Bountiful
Spy Droid Moderate

Level 25-32
The Automated Saboteur Rich
Take the Money and Run Moderate

Level 17-24
For Better or Worse Rich
Finders Keepers Moderate
Pirate Partygoers Moderate

Have a go for yourself, and report your success.

Hope this guide was useful to all you slicers out there.




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