Eternity Vault Guide: Ancient Pylons (8man Hardmode)


The trash consists of mobs of 5-8 elite/champion mobs which can be pulled one group at a time, no real need for crowd control, and just AOE them down. Trash will need to be cleared around both the North and South Pylon before the encounter can begin. There are a few mobs which are not on the main path to the Pylons, and can easily be skipped without consequence.

Boss: Ancient Pylons 

Raid Composition

We used 1 Tank, 2 Healers and 5 DPS. 2 Tanks is recommended but not essential, and considering we used 1 Tank for the previous 2 encounters, we didn’t see the need to change it.

The raid will need to split into 2 groups of 4, making sure each group has a healer.  If you are using 1 tank, having 2 crowd controllers in the group without a tank is very useful.

Pylon Mechanics

The image above shows the Ancient Pylon in its unsolved state. To win this encounter the Symbols in the center column must match the corresponding symbols on the left and right. The Pylon is setup so that only the middle symbols move, and each of the 4 symbols rotate independent of the others. The lowest symbol is always first to rotate when activating the consoles. Once that symbol matches the symbols on the left and right of it, it enters a ‘solved’ state and begins to glow. Once the lowest symbol is solved, you will need to solve the next symbol (the one above it), and continue in this fashion until all 4 symbols are solved, thus completing the encounter.

It is important to note that neither Pylon can begin to solve the 2nd Symbol until both North and South Pylons have solved the 1st Symbol.

On Hardmode when a player uses the console they get a debuff preventing them from using the consoles for 30 seconds. It is therefore necessary to have 2 people assigned to activating the consoles. Because of the co-ordination required by 2 people at 2 Pylons, voice communication can get quite complicated. Working out a rotation before hand is essential so you don’t get overwhelmed by ads and don’t take longer than necessary to solve each symbol.

Symbol Order

There are 6 symbols in total, and the easiest way to describe them quickly and accurately is by color. The symbols always follow the same rotation, and using this, it’s easy to determine the minimum number of turns needed to solve each symbol. The highest amount of turns you should ever have per symbol is 3. The colours and directions are shown in the diagram below.

UPDATE: Thanks to Axem for the initial discovery and Chamillion for the confirmation ( To win this encounter and avoid bugs where you cannot click the consoles anymore etc, you must solve the Pylons in a specific order.

North must solve the 1st Symbol first.
South must solve the 2nd Symbol first.
must solve the 3rd Symbol first.
must solve the 4th Symbol first.

Using the Image at the start of this guide of the unsolved Pylons as a working example of how the Pylon rotations work, we can see that the 4 Symbols to solve are:

Yellow to Purple
Green to White
Purple to Green
Red to Yellow

Using the rotation order from the diagram above we can assign directions and number of rotations needed to solve each symbol.

Yellow to Purple = 2 Left
Green to White = 3 Left (or Right)
Purple to Green = 2 Left
Red to Yellow = 3 Left (or Right)

In this specific example one could simply activate only the left console and have the Pylon solved in 10 rotations.

Waves of Adds

As soon as the consoles are activated the first wave will spawn and consists of 3 elite ranged adds. When the adds spawn they will randomly target someone with a channeled beam which incapacitates them. The beam can and should be interrupted as soon as possible. The adds themselves have a low amount of health (roughly 5k) but deal large amounts of damage. The adds will spawn in 3 locations (1 directly opposite the Pylon consoles, and 1 to the left and right). Assign a crowd control to one of the add, and have your tank pick up the other 2 and burn them down quickly before taking out the crowd controlled add. The waves spawn on a timer, appearing roughly 25-30 seconds apart. The other type of Add which will spawn is an Acklay, a single Champion level mob which deals quite large damage to its target via a poison dot. It is highly recommended to stun this add as much as possible (Jolt, Electro Dart, Force Choke etc). The final wave is 2 Acklays and you should crowd control one of them to avoid being overwhelmed with damage.

From my experience there is no enrage timer, and once the final wave of 2 Acklays spawn no more adds will appear for the rest of the encounter.

The wave order is as follows:

4 Waves of 3x Elite Adds

1 Wave of 1x Champion Acklay

4 Waves of 3x Elite Adds

1 Wave of 1x Champion Acklay

Final Wave of 2x Champion Acklays

If you’re having trouble with the amount of damage on the raid, try and work out a stun rotation or a crowd control rotation. Focus firing a single target at a time is also useful, as a single Elite add can be taken down in the duration of a stun. Interrupts are very handy to reduce damage to your group so use them as much as possible. The faster you solve the symbols, the less waves will spawn. When doing this encounter I have only ever seen the 2x Acklays once, every other time we solve the Pylons before that wave can spawn. Write down the rotations and have people activating the consoles as soon as they become available to ensure the fastest solve time.


I hope this guide is useful and thanks for reading. Feel free to leave some feedback via comments.



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  1. #1 by yo. on January 26, 2012 - 2:52 PM

    So the North, South, South north thing actually works? we kept trying it but i didn’t see it working, could it just be bugged all in all?

    • #2 by The Heisenberg on January 26, 2012 - 4:23 PM

      When we did it on normal we never saw a bug. We one shot it the first time we did it on Hardmode – trying the click both N and S at the same time method. We thought this was the way to go. The next week we got up to Pylons and it bugged for about 3 hours. We had to reset each time, and we couldn’t get it. We came back the next night, and decided to try the NSSN strat which was posted up hours earlier. We one-shot it using this strat. We’ve since done 4 HM clears using this strat (2 separate 8m groups) and all were one-shots, with no bugs.

      Since 1.1 we wiped due to 3 extra acklays coming out about 20 seconds after the final wave of 2 acklays came out. We had already solved the North platform, and after the wipe the north platform was unclickable, and we had to reset. Came back in, clicked the panels faster and completed it.

      TLDR: It has worked everytime for us. I’ve heard people claim it doesnt work for them, but another method will – such as SSSN or SXXX (south first then whatever). I guess you need to find a method that works without bugs for you and stick with it. I wish I could give more concrete advice, but it seems its a pretty buggy encounter. My advice is just keep at it 😀

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