Marauder Datacron Guide

Going to put up a guide to get all the Marauder useful Datacrons (+Strength and +Endurance), as well as the Green Matrix Shards used to make the Matrix Cube. Listing them in order of appearance.


+2 Endurance
Right next to the shuttle that takes you off world, on a metal platform.
X: 153     Y: 81
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Dromund Kaas

+2 Strength
This one is in the main spaceport where you arrive on Dromund Kaas. Go south from the main area of the Spaceport to get to Docking Bay D-61 via the elevator. The datacron is atop a stack of shipping containers. You can’t reach it from the ground, so you have to walk about halfway up the ramp in the room until you see a stack of crates on your right. Next to it is a small gap that you can fall into to land on a beam that is hanging. Keep walking across the beam to the containers the datacron is on, and jump on them when you get to the end.
X: 865     Y: 642
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+2 Endurance
In Lord Grathan’s Estate there is a small pond just north of the westernmost building. A small mountain path north of the eastern tip of the pond leads to the top of datacron’s ledge
X: -793     Y: 1450
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Green Matrix Shard (Requires 2 people)
Neebray Warehouse (Imperial Only) – Go to the far SW corner of the Gorinth Canyon map, to the cave complex located @ (-472, 1929). Inside you will find an elevator toward the rear of the complex. Go down the elevator. On the bottom level of the Neebray Warehouse is the Datacron and it requires two people to unlock the door to it. To open the shielded door two players must activate the “Shield Control” panels to the right and left and get the timing right.
X: -504     Y: 2000
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+2 Strength
There is a large rock with a dirt path just to the right of it.  Run around the rock and follow the path past the  back through the rocks, past the “Aging Bormu”
X: 718     Y: 2033
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Nar Shaddaa

+3 Strength
To get this one, once you get off the taxi head to the balcony just north of the Imperial Data Center. At player coords (1948, -1567) look down and you ‘ll see an outcrop with pipes coming out of it. Drop to the pipes and heal up. Then drop between the pipes and the wall and then heal up. Last, drop down to the balcony and you’ll find an unmaned taxi. Click on it and it will give you a slow but short ride right to the datacron. Once done with it, use the small handheld on the floor near the body and it will transport you back up to the quick travel point above you.
X: -1996     Y: -2485
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+3 Strength
This Datacron is in the same area as the Blue Matrix Shard. These two Datacrons are located in the same area. First, in the southwest corner of The Dune Sea there is a Jawa Sandcrawler (at -2340,465). Get on top and wait for a balloon to appear. Ride this balloon for 60 minutes (make sure you do not go AFK during this time).  Unconfirmed, but it shows up at the top of each hour at the sand crawler.  You will eventually see a Sandcrawler with a glowing Blue Matrix Shard Datacron. Jump down onto the Sandcrawler to obtain the Datacron. NOTE! You must jump on the side with the data cron, if you wait too long you will miss your oportunity at the Blue Shard.  The Balloon does not stop to let you off. For the Red Datacron go to the edge of the Sandcrawler (the side closest to the Datacron) and carefully jump down to a small platform sticking out of it. There is a small compartment with the Datacron sitting inside.
X: -2391     Y:-1381
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+3 Endurance
Go through the Syrush Estate (Group Area) to access this Datacron. First go to the vendor directly south of Tarlarn Outpost and buy a Red Detonite Actuator. Next go to the above position which will lead into a cave called Ruur Killik Burrows (Group Area). Inside the cave travel directly east to (2685, 2487). At this position there is a cave-in. Look for a tiny flashing red light. The light is a demolition charge–use the item you bought to blow the obstructions away. Behind the rubble is your Datacron.
X: 2721     Y: 2496
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+4 Strength
First go to the vendor directly south of Tarlarn Outpost and buy the MGGS. Then, go to the Larantha Dam @ (2164, -1992). The Datacron is half-way down the front of the dam and visible as you approach on the road from the west. You can get to it from below using a slightly special technique: Hookshot onto the clickable panel above the Datacron.
X: 2192     Y: -2019
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+3 Endurance
First, go to (-1367, -208). Here you will find a ledge that begins against a wall. Follow the ledge and you will be brought to a halt by a walkway. Jump up and ignore this walkway and follow the wall to your left. Keep following the ledge until you reach the second grated metal platform. Below there is a long strip of bent metal, pointed towards a red pipe/tunnel, that you need to jump down onto. This metal branches off two ways, take the left path (this side is much thinner than the right path), and jump onto the rusty red broken pipe/tunnel.

Along the north edge of this structure there is a silver pipe which you need to jump down to. Now, go right (east) on the pipes. Jump across the break in the pipe that you will soon come to. At the end of the pipe if you look down there is a ledge which you can drop to. Follow the ledge, jumping up a bit at the raised part and back down to the much narrower ledge on your right. Ahead and below you will see a platform with a broken roof opening. Jump down to the platform go through the opening and proceed along the big red pipe with the grey walkway atop it.
X: -1513     Y: -255
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+4 Endurance (Requires 2 People)
First, enter the Yuna Crosscut entrance at (-9, 715). Follow the cave all the way down until you reach an opener doorway with a panel. Go inside the doorway and turn your camera, so that you can activate the panel from the inside. The door will close and gas will activate. Just be sure to have a healing companion with you or use healing abilities yourself if you have them. Close by you should see two pillars with activation consoles on them. Activate the one closest to the entrance you just came from first. After activating both panels you can enter the newly opened door to the south. The Datacron is at the end of the tunnel.
X: 207     Y: 775
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+4 Strength
South of the Three Families War Camp, on the south-side of the big hill. There’s a small path between 2 barricade walls to get up to it.
X: 556    Y: -1421
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+4 Endurance
First, go to (2610, -848) in the Jedi Encampment Heroic Area and start climbing the ice. Work your way towards the arch you went through when you entered the area. Go over the top of the arch and jump down onto the ice ledge below you. From there work your way towards the edge of the huge crashed ship. Run along the ledge on the ship you’ll have to jump down at the end to an ice ledge below you. Follow it around to another starship ledge. Follow that ledge, until it ends with ice. Follow the ice ledge around and up to the next level of the starship. At the end of the path you find the Datatcron.
X: 2837     Y: -376
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+4 Strength
First, go to the area of (-4015, 24) in the western area of Clabburn Tundra, and search for the Ancient Probe (lvl 47 Champion) that is located in this area. Ancient Prob has a Prototype (Blue) quality item called “Depleted Datacron”. Once you have this take it to the north entrance of the Star of Coruscant at (2991, -94), in the Starship Graveyard. There you need to use the Coupled Recharge Station to charge the Datacron, which will allow use of it.
X: -4015     Y: 24
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Green Matrix Shard
The Tomb – Go to The Scar (it’s the area covered in snow with a huge volcanic pit dividing the north and south ends) and look for little lootable items on the ground called Rataka Energy Cores. They look like little blue datacrons. Once you have 4 of them, go east to The Tomb area and near the middle of map, there is a giant tree (It’s on the map) that sits on a plateau, with a cave running through the middle of it (path running through it also on the map.) In that cave there is an elevator, take it down, put the 4 energy cores into the machine.

First find the elevator to Cave Under Tree on the Tomb map, the location is (-547, -2172). Take the elevator down and travel straight through to the far end of the room. The glowing cube is there with a quest reticule above it. Before the Datacron is a machine that is powered by 4 Rakata Cubes. Rakata Cubes are found all over Belsavis. They spawn at random hidden locations. Here is a map of confirmed spawn locations.

You must place four cubes into the machine and then activate it in order to get inside the Datacron. The Rakata cubes are grey/white and are slightly smaller than Datacron cubes. Also, the Rakata cubes do not glow.
X: -3484; Y-866 (inside the Cave Under Tree)
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+4 Endurance
Head to a cave in the northern portion of the Belsalvis Maximum Security Section at coordinates: -2475,-775. You will find a large group of rocks that you need to walk around, then cilmb up onto them. From here you will be able to see the passage between the rocks and wall. Drop down into this gap and you will see the entrance to the cave. You will find your Datacron inside.
X: -2562     Y: -839
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+4 Endurance
It is in The Old Paths at the Shrine of Healing. You must finish the Trials quest line at the Shrine of Healing to meditate at the Datacron and unlock it. The quest line starts with Suva-Rak at -1770, -854 with the quest Roadblock. then use the green crystal in the northeast corner of the room. Simply go to the center of the room, and you will be able to use the Datacron.
X: -1948     Y: -2228
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+4 Strength
Found in The Gormak Lands. It is in the southeast corner of the map, in a small enclosed area. The path to it starts at 468, 1948.
X: 654     Y: 2050
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+4 Strength
Labor Valley – South of the Republic train station look for a crane holding a shuttle. Run up the pipe that is holding up the canopy, and jump onto the shuttle from the canopy. Jump off on the other end, and ride the impromptu-elevator to get on the higher box to jump to the Datacron. The beginning point is at -2898, -2073
X: -2754     Y: -2007
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Green Matrix Shard
Axial Park – requires MGGS (from Alderaan) – on the south edge of the zone there is a museum with an X-Wing in it. Enter it, and hang a right to to the elevator. Take the elevator to the roof, then climb ontop of the shuttle to the roof of the building. Jump down on the East side, and go across the roof until you can see the magnetic patch across from you (it’s pretty far away.) Walk into the building.
X: 701      Y: -1890
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+4 Endurance
Start your search at X: 78, Y: -7 on the Ice Shelf map. There should be some Shield Generators nearby, from there look for a deep ravine below your position where the Datacron can be easily spotted. Just jump from ledge to ledge all the way down. Run to the end of the canyon, and you’ll be able to collect your prize. Continue north to find an elevator leading back to the main area.
X: 105     Y: -63
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+10 to all Stats Datacron

Video Guide

Location: Imperial or Republic Fleet Museum (Take the interfleet transport to the Ziost Shadow or Gav Daragon, respectively)
– You must be level 48 – 50 to get this Datacron. (We can confirm Level 43 is too low. We suspect Level 45 is the cutoff, but cannot confirm this yet.)
– You must have a full group to get this Datacron, one of whom must be level 50. (We actually recommend bringing six or more players).
– You must have MGGS, obtained from an Alderan vendor for 10,000 credits. Location is 1867, 1090. Simply take the mapped road south from the Imperial base to get there. Everybody in the group must have this.
– You must have a Red Crystal found on Corellia at location 690, -2200. Only the level 50 who will open the first door must have this.

Start in the Museum on the Fleet (found by going from the main level, to the bridge level, and then on to the museum level, all via elevator) and mount your vehicle. Jump onto the display with the transport and the medical droid on it. Alternatively, if you cannot make this jump, you can activate the laser display by hitting a button behind its target, which will kill you, but you will respawn at the transport. Once you make it safely onto the transport, go inside and head towards the front, where you will activate a panel. When activated, it fires a laser which will break open a door in front and outside of the transport. Go through this door and follow the path, you will reach another door where there are a bunch of gems. ONLY loot the Big Blue Gem (only one player must do this).

Head back to the big room and approach the statue. Insert your Red Crystal (gathered in Corellia, see notes above) into the clickable area on the statue. This will make a small button on the statue become clickable (this button can only be activated by a level 50 with the blue gem). Click the button, once activated you will see a shield deactivate allowing you to enter a new door. Have all party members head through that door.

It is at this point we highly recommend that an expendable guild alt is planted behind the red force field there next to the available switch, sadly to remain forever a silent curator of the museum with the side job of door opener. By doing so, you now have unlimited access to this back area, if you so wish. This is particularly useful if somebody falls. (Somebody will.)

Follow the hallway and at the first left there is a bridge which is will be un-crossable at the moment. This is where you need your party members. At the very end of the hallway there is a control room (let’s call it Control Room A) with three switches which must be activated simultaneously to activate the bridge so you can pass over it. After crossing the bridge, there is another control room where there are three more switches (let’s call this Control Room B) which you need to activate all of them simultaneously to let the rest of your party over. This is much easier with six or more people – hence the note at the top of this article. However, it can be done with only four party members. You see, each of the computers in the Control Rooms are slaved to their match in the other Control Room. So if one person crosses after the three in Control Room A activate the bridge, and that person takes the center switch in Control Room B, the person on the center switch in Control Room A can now head to the bridge. Activate all switches simultaneously again, cross, take up a new switch, rinse and repeat until all members have crossed. With the larger group of six or more, simply activate Control Room A, and everybody who isn’t at a switch crosses and goes to Control Room B to activate the switches and get the remainder across.

Once every person is across the bridge from Control Room A, you (or some of your party members … ensure one person remains up here for the role explained in Switch C) go on the center beam located on the other side of the room. From this beam, the beam below on the far side and on the right and left of will be consoles with switches, which we will call Switches A and B. Have one person drop down and go to each. You should still have at least one member of your group in Control Room B. This person will hook shot up on to the closest visible magnet (they look up to the left for a white dot in the distance that becomes a magnet when Switches A and B are activated), where they will soon find Switch C. At the same time another person has to go to the center beam, and on the near side, go right and drop down onto another beam (that is closest to Control Room B) and follow it to the right and back until they see a white circle in the distance, on their left (this becomes a magnet when Switches A and B are activated), where they will soon find Switch D. Activate Switches A and B. Once activated, the two players at C and D hook shot up to to their switches (hook shot is somewhat bugged so it may take a lot of attempts and /stucks… a good trick that often helps is to activate an instant cast ability (like the Inquisitor’s or Consular’s Force Speed) just prior to landing at the end of the hook shot) and you now hit all four switches (Switches C and D that you just got two people to, and A and B again) simultaneously. At this point, everyone who needs the Datacron types /stuck which resets them just outside of control room B. If the people at the switches don’t need the datacron, this is optimal; they can stay in place for the probable chance somebody falls and it needs to be reattempted.

At this point, everyone that wants the Datacron gets on the center beam. From there, everyone looks up to the left and hook shot’s to the magnet. Once there, one of you will hook shot across to the right and drop down to a ledge and activate the final switch (which for this case is Switch E) and from there hook shot back to the center magnet. With Switch E and all the other switches still active (they last about 30 seconds) another magnet above a door (which is above in the distance, 90° from the right of the center magnet) is what you all want to go through. Note that ALL the switches for the magnets MUST be pressed and activated as the magnet above the door is activated by staggering them, and only while the Switches A through D are still active. Meaning if you are too slow getting to switch E, it will fail to activate. (Conversely, we also discovered that having somebody sit there waiting for A, B, C, and D to be hit, and then activating E quickly following, it will cause E’s magnet to fail. This method WILL help for people who fall however… which again, will happen! The trick is, have A, B, C, and D activated, count out 8 seconds, then activate E. During this time, everybody who isn’t up on the center magnet should be attempting to get there as you are counting.)

Bullet Point Recap

  • Bottom two people hit Switches A and B.
  • Then two other people hook shot up to Switches C and D. Hit all four Switches simultaneously.
  • Everyone types /stuck.
  • Hook shot to the center magnet on the pillar.
  • One person hook shots and presses switch E, then heads back to center magnet.
  • All hook shot to door.
  • Success!

From there you follow the hallway until you arrive at the door (only level 48-50 (confirmed) can go through this, possibly as low as level 44 but we suspect level 45 is the cut) to your Datacrons and an exciting cutscene. Nicely done!

(Thanks to


+30 Endurance
+30 Strength

+10 to all Stats

Matrix Cube M7-G0: +50 Strength / +43 Endurance / +18 Crit / +26 Surge
Video Guide on how to Assemble your Matrix Cube from 3x Green Matrix Shards


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