Karagga’s Palace Guide: G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator (8man HardMode)


Trash can be a bit tricky if you’re not careful. There are 3 pulls of trash before the boss. They consist of the following:

1x Hunter-Creeper Droid
2x Attack-Science Technician and/or Mechno-Assault Specialist (3x in the 3rd pull)
1x Arsenal Droid

Basically the Hunter-Creeper Droid cannot be crowd controlled or interrupted and will start casting “sounding alarm” as soon as engaged. When the cast finishes a Murder Droid will spawn. The Hunter-Creeper Droid will continue spawning Murder Droids via the “sounding alarm” ability until killed. What makes this tricky is the Attack-Science Technicians and Mechno-Assault Specialists heal the droids for more than you can damage them.

If you CC one of the Technicians/Specialists the other will break it out almost instantly. To combat this, use a stealther to out-of-combat CC one or two of the Technicians/Specialists and then use a regular CC to initiate combat. If all of them are CC’d then they won’t be able to break each other out.

One thing to note about the Murder Droids is they explode when killed and deal a significant amount of damage (5-8k) to anyone within 5 meters. However if they are stunned when they die, they do not explode.

Simply CC the Technicians/Specialists, Burn down the Hunter-Creeper Droid, have the tank pick up the Arsenal Droid, and subsequent Murder Droid spawns. Once all the droids are dead, kill the Technicians/Specialists.

Boss: G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator

Raid Composition

We used 2 Tanks, 2 Healers and 4 DPS.

The Fight

The boss in Hard Mode has only 1.5mil Health, down from 2mil in normal mode. This is due to the Generators behaving differently. In normal mode, all 3 of the generators when fired gave the boss the Melted Armour Debuff which caused him to drop his stacks of armour and take more damage for 20 seconds. In Hard Mode each generator has a separate effect. Also in Hard Mode, the boss will gain stacks of Power increasing his damage output, in addition to his stacks of armour decreasing the damage taken. It is because of this you will want to fire the generators as quickly as possible.

LEFT GENERATOR: Applies a System Cooldown Debuff. When the boss is affected by System Cooldown he will turn blue/white as if being frozen, lose all stacks of Armour and Power and be unable to start stacking them again for 20 seconds.

MIDDLE GENERATOR: Applies a Magnetized Debuff. When the boss is affected by Magnetized he will lose all stacks of Armour and consume all of the stun droids and proximity mines in the room. This will also start stacking the Powerhouse debuff increasing the bosses damage (Thanks John)

RIGHT GENERATOR: Applies a Melted Armour Debuff. When the boss is affected by Melted Armour he will turn red/yellow as if being heated, lose all stacks of Armour and Power and be unable to start stacking them again for 20 seconds, during which he will take increased damage.

20-25 seconds after a generator is fired, the boss will spawn droids. 1 stun droid will spawn under each generator and a plethora of proximity mines will appear around the room. The stun droids will need to be killed asap, as they will rapidly stun the tank, healer and DPS around the boss, they have low health and can be burned quite quickly.

The proximity mines will need to be destroyed before they become a problem. For the players solving the puzzle, knockbacks are your best defense. We were lucky enough to have only Sorcerers solving the puzzle so they simply overloaded near the proximity mines, and they were far away enough to not have the DOT affect them. For anyone else, pop a defensive cooldown and run into the proximity mines. This will destroy the mine, and place a 10 second damaging ability called shocked on you.

As a Marauder, I pop the proximity mines around the boss. I only pop the  3 which spawn underneath the platforms that stick out. I use Cloak of Pain just before I pop a mine. The initial explosion hits me for 800-1k damage, then the subsequent ticks are about 1300-1500 (I have 25% Damage Reduction with my current armour and cloak of pain adds an extra 20%). The debuff stacks and its duration reset, so it’s important to let the debuff fall off before popping the next mine.

The boss puts a stacking debuff on his current target (tank) which makes him take more damage. It stacks to 10, and the tanks should swap around 5 stacks, so the healers aren’t flat out.

The boss will also fire a missile at a random target. A reticule will appear on the player, and this player should move away from everyone else and call out to be topped off, or pop a defensive cooldown because it hits quite hard and does AOE damage. As a Marauder it hits me for 8k (25% damage reduction from Armour) so I can only imagine how hard it hits light armour players.


On our first attempt at this boss on Hard Mode we swapped between the Middle Generator and the Right Generator, not expecting a change in generator mechanics. What we found is that the 2nd time we used the Right Generator he did not get the Melted Armour debuff, and therefore did not drop the stacks of armour or power. It would appear that before the boss can get the Melted Armour debuff, he must first have the System Cooldown debuff from the Left Generator.

Our rotation was Right -> Left -> Right -> Left -> Right – Dead.

Each time the boss got the Melted Armour debuff all our DPS – including the players solving the puzzle would come and DPS it for the 20 second duration. We would get 25% of its health down each time. Once the debuff wore off, we had the melee DPS (me) take care of the stun droids and proximity mines, the tanks swapping their stacks and getting the boss in position for the next generator and the 3 ranged DPS solving the puzzle.

The only time the 3 ranged DPS solving the puzzle would come to DPS is when the boss had the Melted Armour debuff from the Right Generator.

If you’re having trouble with the droids and mines, you could try and use the middle generator to suck them all up, but you will more than likely need more DPS and more generator activations overall. Using our method (above) only using the Left and Right Generators we never saw the enrage timer.

Sequence of Switches for the Right -> Left -> Right Method we used:

M = Middle
R = Right
L = Left

Starting the fight
M > R > L > R > Fire!

Right to Left
R > L > R > M > L > M > R > L > M > R > M > L > R > L > Fire!

Left to Right
L > R > L > M > R > M > L > R > M > L > M > R > L > R > Fire!

Enrage (stay on target)

If you are having trouble with enrage you will need to increase your DPS output. Saving all your cooldowns for when the Generators are fired and the boss has no armour stacks and increased damage taken will really help. Have the person using the fire button to do a 3-2-1 count down before firing, and use this time to pop all your cooldowns, so that you are not wasting global cooldowns on these abilities when you could be DPS-ing the boss.

Have 3 people solving the puzzle. The quicker the generators can fire, the quicker the stacks of armour are taken off the boss and you can do more damage to him.

Loot (the real reason any of us are here)

Loot is done differently to normal. There is no more random bag which assigns loot to individual players randomly. All boss loot is able to be rolled on by everyone present for the kill.

2x     Rakata Proc Relics

Various other non-important items 😀


I will upload some images / video when I get the chance, as well as some more guides.

I hope this guide is useful and thanks for reading. Feel free to leave some feedback via comments.



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  1. #1 by Johm Smith on February 3, 2012 - 2:21 PM

    The middle generator gives him a buff called powerhouse which increases his damage.

    • #2 by The Heisenberg on February 3, 2012 - 3:11 PM

      Thanks John. I knew I saw the debuff – wasnt sure exactly how he got it – figured it was stacking along with the Armour. I’ll add it to the post


  2. #3 by Biz on February 20, 2012 - 9:59 AM

    I really love your information, but can you make it easier to browse your posts? There’s a lot of posts and they’re pretty long

  3. #4 by Wonderweiss on March 2, 2012 - 12:46 AM

    Again, outstanding post. I know it takes a lot of time to do these things right so just know that your efforts are appreciated. I think these posts will quickly become the hardmode bible for any guild jumping into hardmode content. I know they certainly have for my guild.

    I really like that you include details about the trash pulls. This information is critical for these pulls and most guides don’t have it.

    Do you have an exact idea of what the enrage timer is? I realize this would require taking a group into the fight and actually trying to fail the fight but again I think for new groups entering this fight for the first time it would be great to know how long they have before the enrage hits. On this fight, it’s probably even more important so that the people learning to solve the puzzle can get a feel for how fast they need to be doing the puzzle. Obviously, you want them doing it as fast as possible but it helps if you have a raid member calling out that the enrage is in 3 minutes or something to help those guys up top get their asses in gear.

    Again, thank you for the detailed post.

  4. #5 by The Heisenberg on March 2, 2012 - 9:05 AM

    Hi Wonderweiss

    I believe the enrage timer is close to 6 minutes. As a marauder I can use my ‘bloodlust’ twice in a fight, and it has a 5 minute cooldown. Because I am also the raid leader, I will use it at the start of the boss fight, and then when I use it a second time, I give my guys a ‘1 minute till enrage’ warning. Some bosses, it is pretty accurate, while other bosses seem to go for a bit longer. But if you go with 6 minutes, you’ll be alright.

    As far as solving the puzzle goes and how fast they should be doing it. Aim for about 20-25 seconds between each firing. The 3 people we had solving the puzzle up top, only came out to the edges to help DPS when the ‘RIGHT’ generator was fired (which gives him the fire/damage taken increased debuff). With everyone nuking the boss, we get 20% hp each time. He loses about 5-10% hp whilst going to the left and back again, mainly because our melee (me) are taking care of the stun droids. So our goal is to get the boss over to the left, and back to the right as fast as possible, then nuke him as hard as we can, then repeat.

  5. #6 by michael obeng review on April 18, 2013 - 8:43 AM

    Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the
    images on this blog loading? I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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