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Karagga’s Palace Guide: G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator (8man HardMode)

Trash: Trash can be a bit tricky if you’re not careful. There are 3 pulls of trash before the boss. They consist of the following: 1x Hunter-Creeper Droid 2x Attack-Science Technician and/or Mechno-Assault Specialist (3x in the 3rd pull) 1x Arsenal Droid Basically the Hunter-Creeper Droid cannot be crowd controlled or interrupted and will start […]

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Marauder Datacron Guide

Going to put up a guide to get all the Marauder useful Datacrons (+Strength and +Endurance), as well as the Green Matrix Shards used to make the Matrix Cube. Listing them in order of appearance. Korriban +2 Endurance Right next to the shuttle that takes you off world, on a metal platform. X: 153     Y: […]

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Karagga’s Palace Guide: Bonethrasher (8man Hardmode)

Trash: Not much to speak of. Groups of 4 – 5 Champion Guards which can be grouped and AOE down or crowd controlled and single targeted. There are 3 pulls of trash before the door to Karagga’s Palace, upon clicking will enter a cut scene, the end result is you inside the rancor pit. Before […]

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Eternity Vault Guide: Ancient Pylons (8man Hardmode)

Trash: The trash consists of mobs of 5-8 elite/champion mobs which can be pulled one group at a time, no real need for crowd control, and just AOE them down. Trash will need to be cleared around both the North and South Pylon before the encounter can begin. There are a few mobs which are […]

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Making Money from Slicing Post-Nerf

Thought I would post this here as well. Mad props to the guys at and this swtor thread. Information on the slicing missions has been gathered and recorded and analyzed for the highest credits per minute profit. Sample sizes vary but reports from the slicers in my guild are coming at 500k per day […]


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Heisenberg’s Guide to Artifice

Artifice is a versatile crafting skill used for weapon hilts (strength and willpower weapon modification), enhancements (used in all armors and weapons for modification), offhand items, colour crystals (used for lightsaber blade and blaster bolt colours and stats, only yellow, green, blue, and red is available through crafting) and even lightsabers much later in the […]



Eternity Vault Guide: Annihilation Droid XRR-3 (8man HardMode)

Trash: The trash consists of waves of 6-8 strong/weak mobs both melee and ranged that will drop down in between 2 turrets. The 2 turrets are on top of pillars about 10 meters high (inconveniently out of melee range). Adds must be controlled by the tank and DPS’d down by melee who can’t get to […]

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